Top Reasons Most People Think Writing is Hard

Most people think writing is hard. And yes, they think that it is a way harder skill to master than that of learning to play an instrument or a sport, even if it is a staple subject in all levels of learning (yes, writing begins in preschool and is still being taught in college!). But while we learn all about writing almost on a daily basis, why do a lot of us think that it is difficult to do?

If you are looking to overcome the barriers of mastering the art of creating English compositions, then here are the top reasons people think writing is hard and how you can get past them:

  1. There are a lot of rules in writing.

One of the primary reasons most people find writing difficult is that there are a lot of basic rules that come with the craft. You need to learn to spell, use the right tenses, and comply with the laws of subject-verb agreement, among others.

It is only by knowing all these rules by heart can you come up with a decent essay. There are even times when you unknowingly commit writing mistakes in your first draft, even you have already memorized all these laws. A lot of people are easily discouraged by these rules; thus they see writing to be totally hard.

  1. Writing is often introduced as a chore.

Unlike other crafts that we learn, writing is introduced to us as a chore. In English composition classes, we are compelled to write essays regardless if we want to or not. We write essays and stories as a form of compliance, otherwise we fail the class.

This restrictive feeling is another factor that makes writing seem difficult. But this is rather Spartan training is necessary because if we don’t go through the hard work, we won’t be able to come up with effective narratives that we will be using in our chosen careers.

  1. Writing requires a lot of reading.

Effective writing requires research, and the only way to do this is by reading. You have to read reference materials and other forms of literature to support your narrative, otherwise you will come up with a sloppy draft.

For many people, reading can be very boring, and in turn they tend to shun writing too. But developing the knack for reading comes in handy especially when you start writing your college thesis, analytical reports at work, and even when drafting communication letters at work.

  1. Not all writing teachers are writers.

Not all writing teachers are also avid writers. Many of them may have been active writers back in their heyday, but have later shifted to focusing on the technical aspects of the craft because of their teaching profession. Hence, most writing teachers focus on developing grammar, structure, and coherence, and not so much on creativity and style.

  1. Not many people realize that writing is a process-based craft.

Becoming an effective writer does not happen overnight. It requires daily practice in order to improve your writing in terms of grammar, structure, and style. You need to develop a habit for writing, and you can do this by maintaining a blog or a diary. You will then see that over time, your manner of writing changes based on the lessons you’ve learned and the experiences you’ve encountered along the way.

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