Types of Florist Jobs

They also need to have the knowledge of horticulture. If a florist works for a large nursery or store they may be responsible for growing a particular type of plant but if they work for a small shop they may be in charge of a variety of jobs. These can include making the decision when the individual plants are to be sold or feeding and watering the plants.

Florists may also be designers who decorate venues such as churches or weddings or arrange them in bouquets or other arrangements. When working as a florist designer you have to know how the different plants fair in different environments and which type of flowers are in bloom during different times of the year. They have to know how to make the flower arrangements look colorful but also make sure that the flowers used will not deteriorate quickly. For example they have to know which flowers are not right for different weather conditions, humidity, or air-conditioned environments. They may also work as sales clerks because many times a customer will come into the floral shop to purchase floral arrangements that are custom designed.

A florist may also work as a manager of a floral shop. As a manager of a shop you would be responsible for securing contracts with event organizers like wedding planners for your shop to supply the flowers for various events. They are also the one who has to arrange contracts with suppliers to purchase seeds, soil, and plants for the store. Some also work as delivery drivers and this requires that you have some horticultural knowledge. You also have to have a reliable vehicle and valid driver’s license. Some drivers may also work in the shop doing other jobs such as sales, and tending the plants.

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